Ingrédients Actifs


A new solution from the marine world!

This active is born from a surprising discovery. A marine micro-organism lives in symbiosis with a red algae. It takes action in the digestion of a polysaccharide of the algae by secreting an enzyme called carrageenase. …


The anti-ageing for sensitive skin

FUCOREPAIR is composed of fucoses designed for anti-ageing skin care products and particularly suitable for sensitive skins.
Fucose plays a major role in the skin physiology as it is a constituent of the cellular receptors. …


To moisturize, repair and protect the skin.

Wheat Ceramide P is extracted from a by-product of wheat seed. It is a polar lipid fraction of wheat seed. As a consequence, it doesn’t contain gluten protein fraction. …


The whitening solution from Ascophyllum

ASCOWHITE is a clinically validated skin whitening ingredient which significantly decreases skin pigmentation. …


Plus efficace que l'acide hyaluronique